Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Upcoming rides

Besides the April 18th ride, I'm once again doing Stony Point this year on April 25th. The plan is to colead with Ken Williams again. It's an NYCC listed ride. It is supposed to also have 5BBC listing but apparently Ed RAvin edited my ride description and that revised description caused outrage amongst the leaders ofthe ride the day before and Ed Ravin then withdrew the listing instead of sticking with my original succinct description.

I've got a plan for a new route this year. Makes it less of a "classic 9W" ride but rail trails can make for faster cycling. Also, on the way home we should take the opportunity to enjoy the late afternoon Hudson River views.

Google bicycling maps:
The outbound route my way which not only uses rail trails but the nice hilly and quiet Tweed and Bradley.

return route along the river. Of course we still climb Churchill Rd on the way home.

It will be a long day if we don't keep up the pace.


This past Sunday, Erica Jacobs and I scouted the route for our April 18th NYCC "Biathlon" ride. I found that the route originally planned was too long for an urban group ride. Rather than take the scenic way up through Yonkers on Bronx River Rd., we've got to head over on McLean to the South County Trailway. Well, that was my thinking at the time. Slogging along McLean was not fast -- riding on Webster and Bronx River is much better cycling. Still, once you get on the South County Trailway the speed picks up.

I liked riding through Soundview Park greenway. Riding up Zerega Ave. we had quite a lot of cross wind.

I did well on pace on the greenways and other long cycling stretches. I was doing 18-20 at times. It helps when you're on the Greenway: everything's marked, no need to look for the next turn.

Polar Pancakes

Been very busy with work. Some catching up. I tend to put more short updates on Facebook.

Jan 1st ride went off this year as an NYCC-only ride. Ed Defreitas co-lead with me again. A good time was had by all in our small group and pancakes at Garden of Eatin. The weather was reasonably cooperative. I used my new silk base layer (silk glove liners, silk sock liners, silk long underwear). With my GoreTex jacket to stop the wind and provide some insulation, the Perl Izumi Winter Slice jersey and my regular uninsulated long sleeve jersey kept my upper body warm. I used my Cannondale Carbon lE bib tights and wool socks in my Answer Kashmir winter cycling boots. With a set of knit (Perl Izumi) glove liners, the Perl Izumi AmFib gloves were ok.

The scene at Coney Island was quite entertaining. I got out on the beach and took some photos of the folks in the water. There was a wide diversity of people.
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Catching up Polar Pancakes 2010

At the June 21st meeting of the 5BBC, Moshe Reitman and I are going to deliver a travelogue presentation about the Alyn Wheels of Love ride. We'll also talk about the 2011 ride, for which I've already got my plane tickets. Cathy Lanyard, Executive Director of the North American Friends of Alyn, will join us as well. The 5BBC will have kosher pizza and Israeli wine.

The meeting is at the American Youth Hostel on Amsterdam Ave. at 103rd St. in Manhattan. It starts at 6:30 PM. Until presumably July it's listed on the 5BBC meetings page; after that it should appear in their 2010 archive page.