Sunday, June 3, 2007

Tour De Brooklyn today

Today's the Transportation Alternatives / Brooklyn Boro President's "Tour de Brooklyn". I volunteered as a riding marshal, we'll see how that goes but I've got to get moving this morning as I'm supposed to check in at 7:50 AM at the Grand Army Plaza entrance to Prospect Park.

I rode to work a few times this week, after taking off the week after the Montauk Century. Minor bicycle repairs, I had to do a serious amount of chain lubrication with help from Eddie at Eddie's Bicycle shop, who adjusted my rear brakes as well. I recommend him highly. Eddie's a real nice fellow with over 40 years in the business; he's the owner and chief mechanic and when you need a repair you talk to him directly.

odometer: 69:36:15 1826 total miles 796.23 this season 11.4 mph average