Thursday, June 26, 2008


After we finished with the ride on leadership Sunday,the weather was clear and nice.

A view of the Hudson River, Stuyvesant NY
Since I didn't have to help clean up or cook, having brought sandwiches for my own kosher supper, I went for a ride around the area on my own.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ride'em Fred!

On Sunday of 5BBC leadership training weekend, we rode my route. On the outbound leg, I rode point. We made a nice loop around the back roads of Stuyvesant and headed down through Greenport Town towards Olana, home of artist Frederic Edwin Church of the Hudson River School (of painting).

As we rode rt. 9 through Greenport, the skies opened up. I knew from my planning that there was shelter in Greenport Town Park so I lead the group to the covered picnic area where we ate lunch and waited out the rain. All except Fred here, who found the lure of of riding Barney too strong to resist even in the rain.

After the rain ended, we headed back to the house; I rode sweep. Andrea Mercado had lots of wrist problems and had to stop often but eventually we made it.
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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Roosevelt Island

After today's leadership training day ride in Queens, I detoured on my way home to visit Roosevelt Island for the first time. The ride over the bridge from Queens was ok. Despite that it is a shared path between cyclists and pedestrians its not that busy and everyone is polite and reasonable. That is so different than riding the Brooklyn Bridge where the pedestrians often don't move even if you ring your bell repeatedly and call out as you approach, sometimes not even if you're about to hit! Over the bridge to Roosevelt Island, you have to go into the parking garage and take an elevator down to ground level if you are a pedestrian or bicycle. I rode the perimeter, there's relatively little traffic and then there are parks with greenways. Some nice views and then at one end is a park where folks fish in the East River and there's the pretty little lighthouse seen in my photo at right.

Next weekend is the leadership training weekend trip.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Sunday of Memorial Day weekend I biked out to my Mom's house in Dix Hills on my touring bike. I tried to sort of orienteer through Queens. Bad idea. I ended up hauling down Jamaica Ave. and eventually Rt. 24 to Rt. 106 then up to Old Country Rd. to the LIE service Rd. at Round Swamp Rd. and then onward to Mom to meet up with family.

Sunday night the girls camped out in Mom's backyard. Hannah enjoyed spending the night in a tent wearing her PJs, as you see in her photo at left. They kept a small campfire going throughout the night. As you see in the photo below, my daughter Shira took great delight in cooking scrambled eggs over the coals.