Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Another Gunks ride

The next ride I'm leading is from Poughkeepsie to Ashokan Reservoir via New Paltz on August 2nd. The route is adapted from one on the Bike Hudson Valley site.
I need the hill work and I must say the roads are generally in better condition up in Ulster County. The route starts at 58 miles but its another 20 miles round-trip to Poughkeepsie.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Monsey Kosher Pizza ride 6/28/2009

I ran my Monsey Kosher Pizza ride Sunday June 28th We had a nice tunout. I had posted on the Alyn Wheels of Love forum that I would have some training rides.
One person responded: Marty, on the right in the first photo below with Irv S. who showed me the way through Ulster County across the Gunks for my ride on May 3rd. The climb up Hungry Hollow Rd. didn't feel nearly as steep as the first time I ran the ride, for my first 5BBC ride in July 2008. It's only a 5% or so grade. This year's group handled it no problem. Actually a couple of riders felt the route was insufficiently hilly so on the way home they bid us farewell and continued up the hill on Allendale to head over and down 9W to Alpine and go back to the GW Bridge via River Road.

This year's group opted not to split a few pizzas but everyone found something they liked. We were too many people and the resturant too crowded so we just hung out in back and dined "al fresco". Below is a group photo in back of Chai Pizza and Falafel.

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A good time was had by all.