Tuesday, February 26, 2008

After the snow

It snowed last week. Sunday I thought between the warmer weather and time, that the roads and bike paths would be cleared. Wrong. Oh sure most roads were clear. The West Side Greenway was clean up to the hill to the bridge, which was just icy snow rutted from bike tires. I can understand its narrow and they can't get plows or equipment in, but what was their excuse for not clearing the Riverside Drive portion of the path after that? I don't know -- Parks thinks its DOT's job and they think its Parks so nobody does it?

Well I did make it to the Broadway Bridge and up to Riverdale Ave. for late lunch at Chopsticks. After riding around Fieldston I got back to Manhattan. The streets had some snow not much. The initial portion of the East side greenway was nicely cleared, obviously plowed. That lasted a good portion of the way along the river, just enough to where bailout meant turning around and going all the way back. So I grabbed the handrail and sort of managed to pedal up the rut in the snow -- beats walking in snow and getting snow in my bike shoes through the cleats.