Thursday, January 1, 2009

Teaneck lunch

On the warm sunny December day that was this past Dec. 25th, our group of 6 trippers and sweep Jim Zisfein and myself set forth up Riverside Drive at an easygoing pace. The wind seemed mostly a cross-wind no matter which way we traveled. That made the trip down CR70/E.Clinton Ave a bit tricky as I tried to keep it to 30 mph.

A nice lunch was had by all at the Royal Persian Grill. We headed back to the bridge and several trippers were suprised at how few hills we had to climb and that they weren't too long or difficult (there's no escaping the altitude gain its a question of how you go). A fun ride for all of us, with some good natured joking about the hills: "any more hills left after this?" asked one tripper; "Just the wall" I said deadpan then broke out laughing.