Friday, October 29, 2010


It has been a whirlwind of a trip. The Wheels of Love ride was pretty good. More details later. I'm in Bait Vgan for shabbat on my host's PC.
Anyone reading who hasn't already donated please do so on this link for US

Monday, October 18, 2010

Storm King Widdershins

Great ride over Storm King on Sunday 10/10. 9W was indeed a steep climb but the view from the overlook was excellent. Despite the narrow shoulder, the cars didn't give us any trouble. I missed the turn for Mine Rd. from 293 somehow but we ended up on US6 AKA Long Mtn Pkwy and went through Harriman, climbing 7 Lakes and Gate Hill. The fall colors in Harriman were at peak.

The only negative was that as we were riding down Gate Hill, someone in a black SUV tossed a bottle at me. It missed, sailing over the handlebars as I rode -- and I was holding my line to the right of the road, not interfering with traffic. I don't know if it was deliberate or just stupidity. Considering that a suspiciously similar black SUV on Saddle River Rd. pulled out from behind me to pass me and then cut me off and quickly stop to make a left turn, I think it was deliberate.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Routes to the GWB

There are a number of ways to get from northern Bergen county to the George Washington Bridge. While there are minor variations, there are also some broad groupings. I used the ridewithgps website to generate a few different routes from the intersection of County Road and Closter Dock Road to the GWB.

First I considered the straightforward route: straight up Closter Dock Road to 9W. This is 9.3 miles and 567 feet of climbing. It's a climb of 2 miles to 9W of 406 feet and that's it for climbing, the rest is modest rolling hills.

The next route option is
Piermont Road - Walnut - Pershing, which is a distance of 9.3 miles with elevation gain of 508 ft.

At about mile 5.2, one starts climbing the Palisades ridge for 1 mile gaining 300 feet. That's an average grade of 5.8% though there's a .1 mile steep section.

Churchill Road in Englewood Cliffs is a well-known NYC area climb. I considered aroute including it as well. It is 9.2 miles and 469 feet of climbing.

Over 1.1 miles about 260 feet elevation gain. So it's not as hard as it seems climbing Churchill.

The shortest route is lesser-known. At 8.4 miles and 437 feet of climbing, the route via Myrtle Ave is an example of how numbers can be deceptive: coming off Oak Trail road is a left turn and immediate climb up the hill on Myrtle.

The good part is that you coast down the other side of that hill and then a small rise is just enough to kill your momentum and let you roll to a stop at the intersection with US 9W.

Going up Van Nostrand to Jones Road is the least climbing with 420 feet gained over 9.3 miles.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bike MS NY

I'm riding as a sweep marshal on the 100 mile route of the Bike MS NY tour tomorrow. It should be quite a workout. I''m going to carry various tools and spare tubes and first aid kit plus lunch so it's perhaps 5 or 6 pounds extra weight on the bike. After all the eating on all the holidays recently, the workout will help get me back to trim.