Thursday, June 30, 2011

Longer and higher

I came up with an alternate route for the ride. I had wanted to go through the southwest portion of Harriman and Sterling Forest / Tuxedo to get the climbing.  Before lunch instead of coming over Little Tor from the North it comes up from the south, heads up to Cheesecote and climbs to almost 900 feet before coming back down and heading to lunch. That makes the route to lunch 46.6 miles and 3311 feet (it would be more if I left in the Alpine climb in Palisades Park). The route after lunch heads over to Sloatsburg and enters Harriman on Long Meadow and has a climb up to 992 feet elevation from 640 (of course, Long Meadow starts at 453 feet and before that Orange Turnpike is at 300 feet). After all that climbing and mileage I had to find the shortest way home but it still comes to 68.6 miles and 3646 feet after lunch. Total would be 115.2 miles and 6957 feet.

I am thinking maybe this is a bit much though with having the next day off ...still, should probably get an earlier start than 7:45 AM. I did the Tour de Cure about 105 miles and lots of stopping and was still back in NY 6PM from a 7AM start.

Monday, June 27, 2011

4th of July weekend

Elevation chart
The Metro North bike train rules prohibit bikes on trains this Sunday and Monday (with the day off on Monday, Sunday is a perfect day to attempt Woodbourne).  So I've planned a long (98 mile) hilly ride for Sunday with a short recovery ride for Monday.. According to google maps, it should have 6738 feet of climbing. It's a Rockland County ride and of course I put in a stop for lunch at Bubba's Bagels of Wesley Hills.

Updated route

Thursday, June 23, 2011


This Sunday I'll take a short, 31.6 miles, ride into Teaneck to Butterflake Bake Shop. I could just do River Road but this is a bit more interesting route through Bergen County including a nice fast down hill ride on Clinton Ave. . The shortest way back is up Ft. Lee Road but I don't like that because it is narrow, busy and steep. Van Nostrand isn't as busy and it's wider.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Strawberry route (updated)

This Father's Day, take a ride along the North Shore of Long Island to the annual Strawberry Festival in Mattituck, NY. Along the way, we'll ride on quiet country roads and have some harbor views. While this is not a flat route, there are no long climbs in the rolling hills of the North Shore. We'll have a food stop at a kosher bagel shop in East Northport. We return to NYC via LIRR, arriving before 7PM (assuming no LIRR delays). I expect us to have perhaps an hour at the Strawberry Festival before we have to continue our ride to the LIRR station for our train home.

Bring your MTA bike pass and $14 for the train ticket for our return via the LIRR. Also $5 for admission to the festival (proceeds to the Lions Club of Mattituck).

Note: due to crowding for the Festival, there are no bikes on trains on the Main Line Sunday June 19th.

The route is split into two parts:
Before lunch
After lunch

Elevation charts:

Before lunch
After lunch, to end