Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Meet the Gunks 5/3/09

A great ride was had despite the on-and-off drizzle.
The weather did preclude stopping for the scenic overlook after Minnewaska. I've uploaded the GPS data to MotionBased

I managed to make it up Mountain Rest Road at about 5 mph without stopping unlike our scouting trip where I had to get off and walk at Spies Road. Some of the riders barreled ahead on the climb just before Spies Road. I passed them a few moments later around the bend, stopped by the side of the road panting and gulping water.

This is a nice area in which to ride. I think I'll build another trip in the area. I'm thinking of a ride over to Woodridge, starting in Poughkeepsie taking the 7:47 AM rather than 8:47 train.

From Gunks ride: On the road to Minnewaska in a drizzle

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