Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pennsylvania Dutch Country Roads Adventure update

Due to underwhelming response, I've canceled the reservation on the house in Intercourse PA and dropped plans to have a cook prepare meals for us. Instead, we are now staying in a motel  Intercourse and will make do with whatever we bring in and whatever we can buy locally. The trip price is accordingly now $285.including the "continental plus" breakfast provided by the motel.

Unfortunately, lacking a group taking 9 or more rooms I can't get a discount on the rooms.

I've got a nice route out  up the Schuylkill River trail then across the Delwarea to Valley Forge. We'll explore some of Valley Forge on the way. The plan is to climb Forge Mountain and then take Horshoe Trail across and have a nice descent. We'll see. Continuing west to Intercourse, we'll stop at another park for a pit stop.

On Monday we'll have a good day of riding. I plan to climb Welch Mountain and then head out and do a route with some covered bridges and other scenery. A swing by Strasbourg for a peek at the railroad is good too.

Our ride home Tuesday will mostly follow Pennsylvania Bike Route S with a detour to French Creek Park and Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site then back to Route S until we cross the Delaware River. We'll take the follow some back roads to our dinner stop in Elkins Park then we ride to Philadelphia or if we're ambitious and early (!) we can ride 20+ miles to Trenton. If we're tired we can take SEPTA to 30th St. station.

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