Monday, October 18, 2010

Storm King Widdershins

Great ride over Storm King on Sunday 10/10. 9W was indeed a steep climb but the view from the overlook was excellent. Despite the narrow shoulder, the cars didn't give us any trouble. I missed the turn for Mine Rd. from 293 somehow but we ended up on US6 AKA Long Mtn Pkwy and went through Harriman, climbing 7 Lakes and Gate Hill. The fall colors in Harriman were at peak.

The only negative was that as we were riding down Gate Hill, someone in a black SUV tossed a bottle at me. It missed, sailing over the handlebars as I rode -- and I was holding my line to the right of the road, not interfering with traffic. I don't know if it was deliberate or just stupidity. Considering that a suspiciously similar black SUV on Saddle River Rd. pulled out from behind me to pass me and then cut me off and quickly stop to make a left turn, I think it was deliberate.

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