Monday, May 2, 2011

Liberty Epic

I've gotten some feedback with concern about the plan to ride an additional 12-1/2 miles after dinner and that this ride would be in the dark. The second objection I can address by moving the start location from Newark to elsewhere. Elizabeth only saves 7.4 miles (and perhaps 5 minutes less time to exit the station since it's just a platform not a complex). So that's perhaps 40 minutes savings but the travel time is slightly longer. A more dramatic step is moving the start to South Amboy, since that's where the riding starts to really get nice. It's a 55 minute train ride (with a $12.25 fare). That allows us to reach Elkins Park in time to finish dinner and ride the 12.5 miles to Market East in daylight.

The objective of this ride is to ride our bikes and take the train home; Newark via PATH provides the means of getting across the Hudson and past Secaucus to where we CAN ride our bikes.

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