Saturday, July 2, 2011

On pace and riding style

My rides are usually listed with the NYCC.
Anyone reading these posts who does not know how the NYCC rates it's rides there are two components: difficulty and pace. The difficulty gets a bit tricky as it also implies a certain riding style. NYCC doesn't have B+ indicating a more challenging ride with 'B' riding style. In NYCC, 'A' rides use a fast rotating paceline and riders are expected to take their turn at the front pulling at the listed pace -- not miles and miles but a couple of minutes.  B rides might use a paceline and we teach that in our SIG program but it's not a requirement. B pacelines rotate too but slower and spaced out a little further.

As a leader, when I get a rider on the front pulling who actually reads the cue sheet and makes the turns it makes me very happy. Conversely, when I get someone on the front who doesn't look at the cue sheet and decided to have their iPhone plot a route to some street of similar name (e.g Peconic Bay Ave vs. Peconic Ave) and then goes off the front taking half the group along -- that makes me less than pleased though I do try not to get hopping mad about it.

Pace is much more straightforward and is explained in the NYCC self-test chart

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