Sunday, June 15, 2008

Roosevelt Island

After today's leadership training day ride in Queens, I detoured on my way home to visit Roosevelt Island for the first time. The ride over the bridge from Queens was ok. Despite that it is a shared path between cyclists and pedestrians its not that busy and everyone is polite and reasonable. That is so different than riding the Brooklyn Bridge where the pedestrians often don't move even if you ring your bell repeatedly and call out as you approach, sometimes not even if you're about to hit! Over the bridge to Roosevelt Island, you have to go into the parking garage and take an elevator down to ground level if you are a pedestrian or bicycle. I rode the perimeter, there's relatively little traffic and then there are parks with greenways. Some nice views and then at one end is a park where folks fish in the East River and there's the pretty little lighthouse seen in my photo at right.

Next weekend is the leadership training weekend trip.

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