Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ride'em Fred!

On Sunday of 5BBC leadership training weekend, we rode my route. On the outbound leg, I rode point. We made a nice loop around the back roads of Stuyvesant and headed down through Greenport Town towards Olana, home of artist Frederic Edwin Church of the Hudson River School (of painting).

As we rode rt. 9 through Greenport, the skies opened up. I knew from my planning that there was shelter in Greenport Town Park so I lead the group to the covered picnic area where we ate lunch and waited out the rain. All except Fred here, who found the lure of of riding Barney too strong to resist even in the rain.

After the rain ended, we headed back to the house; I rode sweep. Andrea Mercado had lots of wrist problems and had to stop often but eventually we made it.
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