Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Finite heat source in an infinite heat sink

The quest for more information and the best pricing for winter boots continues.
The "standard" in these is the Lake particularly popular are the MXZ 300 but all the Lake winter models seem to have lacing issues.

I found a very comprehensive reviews site "Mountain Bike Reviews" with a lengthy list of shoes/boots. What it gains in breadth it often seems to lack in depth with only 2 or 3 users comments but if one considers how many folks have these products and of those who will bother to comment, I consider 4-5 comments a very broad base.

From my readings on MTBR and on some other forums, it looks like Answer Kashmir's are a very good option. They're $150 (I saw them for $140 on ebay but then you pay $13 shipping so you're about back to amazon.com $150 with free shipping). Tomorrow I'll try to get to call a couple of the bike shops which offer a 10% 5BBC discount, see the prices. The Northwave Celsius MTB winter boots are usually expensive but I stumbled on a shop in UK shipping worldwide that sells them for $102. On MTBR the Northwave Celsius gets a 4.0 with 2 reviews recommending them and the Answer Kashmir 4.5 with 4 reviews.

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