Sunday, December 14, 2008

Polar Pancakes are go!

I've plotted a route through to brunch that should get us there by 10:30 am. We really ought to arrive at Coney Island shortly after 12 pm for the festivities preceeding the swim. The whole event down at Coney Island is a charity fundraiser they call "Freezin' for a reason", to raise money for Camp Sunshine.

The festivites at Coney Island start at 12pm. We can arrive a few minutes late if we take too long at brunch. Assuming we get moving by 9:45 AM, the pace on this ride needs to keep up 8 MPH overall average to reach brunch (7.5 miles) by 10:45 AM. A half hour break is an aggressive schedule, 45 minutes is more reasonable. Its only another 5 miles to the boardwalk, so we should just about make it without puhing almost anyone faster than they're comfortable. We should get back to City Hall Park by 3 PM, 3:30 PM latest, so that folks are able to get home by sunset at 4:38.

Since the festivites at Coney Island are pretty much over by 1:15 PM, we have two hours to cover some 12 miles to get back (including a pit stop somewhere around the 10 mile mark...Prospect Park or the Parade Grounds).

Looking at the route home, folks from Queens aren't going to want to recross the Brooklyn Bridge they'll want to take Willoughby to Myrtle and home. So presumably they'll break off either before we enter Prospect Park, staying on Bedford, or make their way out from Grand Army Plaza. They'll manage. Winter riders are a hardy bunch.

Advance notice helps for a good turnout, and that's missing on this since the newsletter for January isn't out yet and the ride isn't on the 5BBC site yet. Oh well. I spoke to a few folks at the holiday party saturday night, talked up the Dec. 25th ride and this one. We shall see.

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