Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cross Country Mule #1

I went on my first NYCC ride early Wednesday morning. It was a training ride for hill work: 6 laps around the top of Central Park. I barely kept up on the first lap. On the second I caught up on the level ground at the top before the Harlem Hill and then the group got away, but I saw them turn after the bottom. By the 3rd time up the hill I never saw them again.

I need to work out and get stronger and faster on the bike.
The link here is to the track from my GPS.

Next Wednesday weather permitting 7 AM at the Boathouse again. I think it doesn't help that I live so close to the park that I barely got breakfast down before the ride; next time I will get up on time and eat earlier so that my food has a chance to digest before the ride.

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