Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Polar Pancakes

New Years Day was quite cold with single digit temperatures in the morning and enough of a northerly wind that it slowed and chilled me on the way to the start: as I pedaled down Centre Street the wind was strong enough that I barely made forward progress. My new Answer Kashmir boots worked pretty well. Wearing leg warmers under my slightly ripped but oh-so-comfy Perl Izumi insulated bib tights kept my legs warm. My core was good, I wore my Perl Izumi Winter Slice jersey and then an uninsulated long-sleeve jersey and then my Gore-Tex jacket as an outer layer. Face and head no problem thanks to my pSolar balaclava. Despite Perl Izumi glove liners, my Louis Garneau Inferno lobster gloves were quite inadequate and my fingers quite cold (palms were fine); this wasn't a problem last year, but I've worn them just regular around town so I suppose the insulation or something inside is worn. OTOH I wasn't out in weather below 20 degrees last winter.

The ride went well and everyone (all 3 trippers and my co-leader Ed Defreitas) liked Garden of Eatin. The route worked out quite well. Unfortunately, I didn't finish the ride as I became aware at lunch that I was feeling rather ill: another kidney stone attack on the rise. I bailed, leaving the ride to continue with Ed and Lee Ann, and took the subway home. I heard later that they had a great time, we'll do this again next year.

Upon reaching home, I lay down on a heating pad and took some painkillers and drank water. That helped enough to allow me to write the previous post. Things got worse and eventually I ended up in the hospital where on Sunday the stone was removed with laser lithotripsy. I went home Monday to recover. Eventually, I did recover and this past Sunday I got back on my bike and went for a ride for the day to scout my March 1st trip.

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