Tuesday, March 23, 2010


This past Sunday, Erica Jacobs and I scouted the route for our April 18th NYCC "Biathlon" ride. I found that the route originally planned was too long for an urban group ride. Rather than take the scenic way up through Yonkers on Bronx River Rd., we've got to head over on McLean to the South County Trailway. Well, that was my thinking at the time. Slogging along McLean was not fast -- riding on Webster and Bronx River is much better cycling. Still, once you get on the South County Trailway the speed picks up.

I liked riding through Soundview Park greenway. Riding up Zerega Ave. we had quite a lot of cross wind.

I did well on pace on the greenways and other long cycling stretches. I was doing 18-20 at times. It helps when you're on the Greenway: everything's marked, no need to look for the next turn.

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