Sunday, March 11, 2007

Montauk training, day 1

Bicycling season resumes and I have started training for the 2007 Montauk Century. I have never done one of these before; my personal record is 60 miles on the day of the Tour de Bronx last October. I decided to get really ambitious and not only train to ride the full 100 miles but to also raise money for charity. Everything is all set now on that front and I'm pleased to raise money with Team One Family Cycling to benefit The One Family Fund, which helps victims of terrorism in Israel.

Last Sunday I got my bike cleaned up and relubed. Today I got on my cool weather cycling clothes and went off to Central Park to do some laps. Its been almost 2 months since I was out riding and even that was in Florida. Still, with judicious use of gears I made it through 2 laps on my "hybrid" bicycle (Mountain bike frame with front shock absorbers, only, and regular road tires) no problem.

Back home now, I've got to get ready for tonight's Manhattan Day School dinner. This is my daughter Shira's 1st year performing in the MDS choir so Golda and I are eager for that part of the presentation tonight.

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