Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Snow and slush

I've had some weird password problems with google and haven't bee keeping this blog up to date. Hopefully that's resolved now. As for training *sigh*.

So last Wednesday as you should know we got a dcent amount of snow here in NYC. I managed to get all dressed up in my cold weather bike clothing, fetch my bike from the bicyle storage room in the basement of the apartment building and make it to the front door just as the freezing rain that became snow started to fall. I turned around, put the bike away and changed back to regular clothes then headed to the gym. I belong to the Eastern Athletic Clubs (primarily and originally because they have a facility a block from where I work; weather permitting I bicycle to work, lock my bike in a rack and take a shower and change clotes at the gym then walk over to the office) and there's a couple of weeks left in our family membership at the JCC Manhattan.

When I go work out on a weekday I'm either heading to or from the office so I stop at the Tribeca facility of EAC; on a weekend, I use a guest pass (our membership is a pool rather than fitness membership) at the JCC fitness center. In the last week its been twice Tribeca, where I ride a recumbent bicylce trainer as hard as I can for about a half hour then do some situps and maybe lift a little weights, and once JCC. The JCC facility is MUCH nicer I must say and has better weekend hours. I can't really afford both but the occasional guest pass is worthwhile. JCC has actual Schwinn bicycle trainers in the fitness center (EAC has them only in the "spin studio in Tribeca where they can only be used in a "spin class"). Most cool is that one of the 2 trainers at the JCC has clipless pedals (dual side, one side is a decent toe clip 'box', the other is for cleats and the pattern is SPD, which is what I have on my bicycle and in my mountain bike shoes). Wish I had found that earlier but with spring here I'm going to start biking to work again. Hopefully the slush on the street corners will have been removed or melted by 9 AM tomorrow when I have to leave. Then of course there's the condition of the greenway path, I guess I will find out the hard way.

No gym tonight, stuff to do at home but I managed to get in 20 situps. My daughter Shira held my feet down (by standing on them) and counted repetitions. No joy on pushups, I couldn't manage more than 2; I'll have to do a bunch of chest presses at the gym to build up strength.

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