Monday, March 12, 2007


This morning I went out for a training ride around Central Park. As I was going up the East Side, I noticed that my handlebars seemed high relative to my seat -- and remembered that I hadn't brought the hex wrench toolkit with me. Then I thought, gee this hill shouldn't be this hard...and realized that my leg wasn't extending as far as it should at the bottom of the down stroke because my seat was too low. I stopped and adjusted the seat with the quick-release key I did bring and voila', my handlebars were at the right height and the hills got a lot easier.

I only had time for one loop around Central Park before work this morning and when I got home I noticed that the mileage on my bike odometer (Blackburn Delphi 2.0 had gone past 1000 miles (since I had reset the thing back in July while troubleshooting) -- and rolled over back to zero, resetting my average speed history and leaving no indication of the past :-(

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