Sunday, May 20, 2007

Montauk Century!

Today was the big day: my first 100 mile bike ride. I went out to my Mom in Dix Hills Frida afternoon with my daughter Shira so that I could get some sleep Saturday night and get up early this morning. It took a little longer to get out the door this morning than I anticipated but I pedaled as fast as I could down to Babylon, checked in and hooked up with my ride buddies Mordy and Alex.

We headed out at about 6:40 AM. It was a great ride with some really nice scenery. The rest stops were great and we kept the time there as short as possible.

Somewhere around the 60 mile mark, Alex blew out a tire (not just the tube, there was a hole in the sidewall) so we had to leave him for SAG and pedal onward.

I tried to keep an average 15mph pace; sometimes it was a bit tough, others somehow it seemed I was able to push up to 18-20 mph with not to terrible resistance on the pedaling but that didn't last more than a few miles at a time then I dorpped back to 15 or 14 as the terrain became hllier.

Hither Hilss was indeed quite hilly. I managed to coast down one hill standing in my pedals and pulling my elbows in; I managed to coast up the next rise and then down again so that was great...and then came one long hill. After that were were pretty much ome free and I zoomed down that one's backside with glee and enjoyed the fabulous ocean views.

Start of day mileage (in Dix Hills):
56:01:26 riding time
616.63 miles this season
1646 total
10.9 mph average

End of day, after pedaling home from Penn Station up the Greenway as usual:
733.15 miles this season
2320 total
11.3 mph average this season

116.52 miles for the day
8.33 hours riding time

14 mph average speed for the day

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