Thursday, May 3, 2007

odometer reading

I've done some Central Park riding, in particular last Sunday April 29 I was out on my bike much of the day, including getting the bottom bracket replaced with a new Shimano part at Eddies' Bicycle Shop (where I talked directly to the owner and chief bike mechanic) after 2 visits to Toga failed to find the cause of the clanking noise from my bike, and did four complete loops around Central Park. I also managed to get in a loop around at 7 AM one morning this week before cycling to work.

Most of my riding now is up and down the West Side Greenway to Chambers Street to the Brooklyn Bridge to Tillary St. to Jay St. to the bicycle rack at Metrotech. I am trying to keep a 15 mph pace on the Greenway and to go up the bridge the best I can which is as low as 7 mph in the steeper uphill parts.

Odometer now at
37 hrs 38 min 36 sec
10.9 mph average speed (seems to fluctuate between 10.9 and 10.8 depending on how many red lights I hit on the Greenway)
1442 total miles
411.81 this season

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