Sunday, May 6, 2007

odometer reading

I had written down my odomoter readings a couple of time this week but I seem to have misplaced all but one. So, sometime prior to the 5 boro bike tour the reading was
38 hours 41 minutes 16 seconds riding time
10.9 mph average speed
425.60 miles this season
1455 miles since I got the odometer in summer 2006.

At the end of today, including my ride back up the West Side Greenway home,
43 hours 52 minutes 25 seconds riding time
11.0 mph average (when I got on the ferry it was 11.1)
487.72 miles this season
1518 total miles

A bit of calculation shows that for this interval, which includes riding to work (Chambers street really drags my average down) my average speed was 12 mph.

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