Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mamaroneck and City Island

The mere threat of rain possibly at some point late in the day despite clear blue skies at 8 AM was enough for the leaders of this NYCC B18 ride on July 26th to cancel. I had no idea that they'd canceled but didn't care: I was out on my bike for the day and had an advance copy of the cue sheet so I tried to follow it. Despite some missed (and missing) turns and slight errors on the cue sheet I largely followed the route.

I ate lunch at Harbor Island Park in Mamaroneck, overlooking the harbor as seen in the photo at left and watching the boats come and go. There were no working water fountains in the park, though there were working bathrooms, possibly because there were several vending machines selling bottled water and other drinks. After lunch, I cycled up into town and found a store where I bought a 24 oz bottle of water to top off my camelbak.

I followed the cue sheet for awhile. When I came to Pelham Rd., I diverted onto the Pelham Rd. greenway and followed that to another greenway to City Island and over the City Island Bridge as seen in the photo at left.

City Island's main street, seen in the photo at left, leads to the Long Island Sound

The parking lots for the fast food tourist trap resturants at the bottom of the road afforded some nice views of Long Island Sound.

From the same vantage point one can see the Throgs Neck Bridge in the distance.

The ride home through the Bronx on the rest of the Pelham Greenway was reasonably pleasant. The views from a drawbridge I came to showed the dichotomy of cycling this route. On my right, in the photo at left, a view of the tall apartment buildings of Co-Op City. The next photo, below, shows the bucolic view to my right of grassy knolls in undisturbed waters.

I made it home around 4:30 PM. The rains did eventually come shortly after 6PM. It took me extra time because I periodically had to stop and check my location against the map (via GPS) and the cue sheet. With a leader to show the way, I would have kept a faster steadier pace but it was still a good day out on the bike if humid.

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