Friday, August 14, 2009

Ramapo Rally

This Sunday is the Ramapo Rally. I'm planning on riding the 125 mile course with a fellow NYCC cyclist. Mordecai says he going to ride his fixed gear bike to make it more interesting and that we will cruise at 19-20 mph on the flats. He did clarify that we will go slower up the hills and Schooley Mountain. I hope I can keep up or at least catch up on the downhills where, since I am riding my touring bike which has gears and a freewheel, I am not limited by how fast my legs can spin.

We are taking NJ Transit at 6:13 AM out of Penn station to Ramsey NJ which is 3 miles from the start at Campgaw Mountain Reserve. It's an hour on the train (plus travel time to Penn Station and from Ramsey to Campgaw) but if I had a car with a bike rack I could get there in 40 minutes door to door. Oh well. It's not worth a hundred dollars to rent a car for the day. I won't get any sleep on the train I'm sure, lots of other cyclists with whom to socialize. Or maybe we'll all sleep.

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