Thursday, August 13, 2009


I've heard that (at least some of) the riders on the WOL Challenge route ride in a paceline. This is also a big thing in NYCC, where their faster and more challenging rides ("A" rides) require paceline skills and even some of the faster B rides say they are using a rotating paceline. Having no experience with riding in a paceline, just lots of group riding, I got up early this morning to meet NYCC's Linda Wintner for her early morning paceline clinic at 5:45 AM.

We did four laps around Central Park (24.2 miles) in a double rotating paceline (that's two side-by-side pacelines). I had some trouble with consistent cadence and with holding my line tightly though by the end of four laps I had made some progress. I still need more practice at pacelining before I'm ready to try it on the open road (though Central Park at 7 AM gets fairly busy with cyclists, regular automobile traffic isn't allowed until 8 AM; before 7AM I don't believe we saw even any park maintenance vehicles). Linda gave me lots of patient good advice and I have to practice cadence consistency and holding my line. On the half-lap home to the West 72nd st. exit from our finish at the Engineer's Gate (90th and Fifth) I practiced following the center white line even downhill. I managed to stay pretty close but I need more practice.

I find the NYCC is good. I can lead rides and take a trip with a group of riders at my level of ability to a destination of my choice on the route of my choice and have folks who are more skillful cyclists and willing to share their expertise to help me raise my level of ability.

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