Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bikes as transportation

A Wired article talks about an overhead mount for your surfboard on your bike. If you look at the photo for a moment you notice several things:
  • No sign of a lock or chain so where's this surfer dude going to park his bike and does he really expect to still have it when he gets back from surfing if he just leaves it on the boardwalk or even on the beach?
  • No helmet -- but he's wearing sunglasses.
  • Where's his towel, wetsuit, etc. supposed to go or does he put his street clothes back on over his wet bathing suit? I suppose he could have a 'wet' bag strapped to the board but he doesn't in this photo. I'm not a surfer, but my brother Ken does and he always wears a 3 mil shortie wetsuit.

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