Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I found the L-bolt for my trainer and now it is all set up properly. Still no sign of my missing pliers *sigh*. I hooked up the trainer, upped the tension and rode for over an hour with a 5 minute break after 30-some minutes.

First half hour, watched 1st episode of "Yes, Minister" (old BBC series from 1979). Very funny. Since I work in the (NYC) civil service, perhaps I get the jokes even more. The rest of the time I watched the first part of "Ice Pirates". I was forced to stop when my wife came home. My daughters objected to the bit they lifted from "Alien", with a creature hatching from a large egg. I tried to continue anyway but got massive flack/grief. Sure, I'm 'the boss' but the girls (and that includes my wife) can inflict sufficient mental anguish....

"Yes, Minister" was funnier than "Ice Pirates".

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