Sunday, October 11, 2009

Time for bib tights already

Today was very pleasant weather here in Manhattan. I had hopes for more of the same for tomorrow's ride to Bear Mountain and Storm King. The forecast for NYC is 47 degrees F at our 8 AM departure. I expect we'll get to the top of Bear Mountain around 1 PM, at which time the NWS forecast is 50 degrees F; when we reach Beacon for the train home, NWS forecast is for 53 deg. F.

I have tried getting away with just leg warmers on my May 3rd ride in the Shawangunks and I was unhappy, though that was partly due to the rain while tomorrow is calm and no rain. I think I'll wear my Pearl Izumi insulated bib tights and a regular long sleeve jersey. Autumn is here, and it's not Indian Summer yet (if we get one). NYC will go to 56 degrees in the evening, which is a nice comfortable temperature for a hard ride -- if I have anything left I can try to play keep-up-with-the-cars going up 6th Avenue but it's more like dodgem.

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